North American Media Conglomerate

Building an AI-Focused Research & Development Group


A North American media conglomerate with a vast portfolio of radio stations, television stations, and websites sought to leverage AI technology to improve its editorial processes and increase audience engagement. The CTO of the company envisioned a new Research & Development group that would focus on developing AI-based applications to achieve these goals.


The creation of the new R&D group posed several challenges, including creating an effective organizational structure and roadmap, selecting a default technology stack for AI application development, and outlining clear team roles and responsibilities. To overcome these challenges and successfully establish the R&D group, the CTO turned to Invisory for expert guidance and support.


Invisory began by facilitating several workshops to design an organizational structure that aligned with the company’s objectives. Through these collaborative sessions, we produced a multi-year organizational roadmap to guide the build-out of the new team. This strategic plan provides clear direction and milestones, setting the foundation for the successful implementation of the R&D group.

Selecting a default technology stack was a critical component of our engagement. Based on the objectives and initial high-level requirements of the AI applications, we established selection criteria and advised on the frontend, backend, database, and machine learning technologies to use. This ensured the selected programming languages, frameworks and components are robust, scalable, and fit for purpose.

Finally, we worked with the CTO to develop clear roles and responsibilities for the team. We drafted detailed job descriptions for the engineering (frontend, backend, machine learning, quality assurance), product management, and several leadership positions, facilitating the effective hiring of product and engineering talent.


With Invisory’s guidance, the CTO now has a comprehensive blueprint for building the R&D team. This blueprint serves as a robust foundation and starting point for the creation and operation of the R&D group, ensuring the team is well-positioned to develop and deliver innovative AI-based applications to streamline the company’s editorial processes and increase audience engagement.

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