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Scaling Engineering Capabilities for a Growing Online Booking Platform


Briq Bookings is a software-as-a-service company that provides online booking and multi-activity scheduling software for family entertainment centers (FECs). With a growing presence in 11 countries and over 250 customers, Briq processes thousands of online bookings per day, catering to a wide range of leisure companies.


As Briq Bookings continued to grow rapidly, the company faced the challenge of scaling its engineering capabilities to support its expanding customer base and product offerings. With only 7 developers on board, Briq needed to hire more engineering talent quickly. The startup also needed to improve its operating model and enhance the scalability of its software and infrastructure. This is where Invisory stepped in, providing advisory and interim engineering management services to help Briq achieve these goals.


Invisory designed and implemented a robust operating model for Briq’s Product & Engineering team, addressing the organization’s unique needs. Invisory played a crucial role in selecting engineering talent and coached a group of software team leads, which helped build a strong foundation for Briq’s growth.

The efforts resulted in the formation of two cross-functional product development teams, a specialized partner integrations team, a platform/DevOps team, and a Business Intelligence team. This structure enabled Briq to improve and expand its product offerings significantly.

Collaborating closely with Briq’s Head of Product, Thijs Megens, Invisory’s advisor supported him in streamlining the organization, improving the discovery-delivery-validation cycle, increasing software team performance, and boosting business outcomes.

Additionally, Invisory supported Briq with a major effort in improving the scalability of their software and a migration to the Azure cloud, ensuring Briq’s software architecture and infrastructure could accommodate its growing customer base.


With Invisory’s help, Briq Bookings successfully scaled its engineering capabilities, positioning the company for continued growth and success. The number of family entertainment centers that use Briq grew exponentially from 15 to 250, and the company expanded its reach across 11 countries. The improvements in infrastructure and the expanded product offerings allowed Briq to better serve its customers, process a large number of bookings per day, and solidify its position as a leading online booking and multi-activity scheduling platform for FECs.


Invisory’s work resulted in a scalable organization with empowered and high-performing development teams.

Thijs Megens

Co-Founder & Head of Product



Invisory’s engineering management advisory and interim services played a crucial role in helping Briq Bookings scale its engineering capabilities and infrastructure to support its rapid growth. With a focus on people, process, and technology, Invisory was able to provide Briq with a solid foundation to achieve success and continue its trajectory as a leader in the family entertainment center market.

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